About AniGif

What is AniGif??

AniGif is the social network service that provides a website allowing the users to upload and download Gif format images.
By registering now, you can follow the other people and enjoy their works.
You can also share them by Twitter, Facebook or Email.

Is AniGif free?

AniGif does not cost anything only if you have the internet.

Can I access AniGif from my smartphone?

Of course, it is available for smartphone.

What about the personal privacy?

Please click [here] for personal information.

Is there anything that I have to keep in my mind?

Please check out [here].

About Registration

Do I have to register as a member? Can I use it?

You can use it without registering as a member.
However, you can not upload works or follow other users.

How to be the member?

You can register from [here].

I forgot my password.

You can reset your password [here].

I changed my e-mail address, what should I do?

Please add your email address from the profile edit page.

I want to leave from AniGif.

Please withdraw from

About Upload

Can I upload without logging in?

No, you can't.

What is the maximum capacity for the image?

The maximum capacity for the image is up to 5 MB. Only Gif format images are available.

I want to show my GIF only for my followers. How to do that?

You can set as the only to follower when you post the image.

How can I attach tags?

You can either enter the word freely or select from the list below .
In addition, it is possible to attach up to five tags.

I want to delete the uploaded work.

You can select your work from My Page and delete it from the delete button on the top right of Gif animation. ? When deleting, all data associated with that work will be lost.

About what has been uploaded

I'd like to download my favorite works.

It is possible to download from download button.

What happens when click 'I like' button?

By click once, your favorite images will be saved in your favorite lists. By click twice, it will be remove.

I found some inappropriate image.

Please notify us from [here].

I would like to share my work with other SNS.

You can share from the share button of the work. You can share Twitter, Facebook, and email for SNS that can be shared.

The Gif animation saved in the camera roll does not work.

Gif animation only works on SNS.
When you upload Gif image saved in camera roll on SNS, it will move as animation.

About Mypage

What is the follow?

It is the function in order to follow someone that you are interested in.

How can I check the follow-up?

You can see who is following you from my page, who is following you.

I want to download my favorite work at once.

You can download from the collective download button which becomes inside my page.

I want to edit my profile.

You can edit from profile editing in My Page.